Daily Affirmation: Theres an unlimited stream of well-being in the universe, and it flows constantly towards me.

There’s something to be said about drinking a warm delicious cup of tea first thing in the morning. For me there’s nothing like it. Pu’ehr has pretty much become my go to now thanks to @timferris. I’m working my way in to his “Titanium Tea” but that’s still some ways off it seems. Not sure why other than I havent taken action yet. I’m a big fan of just drinking the tea. And what I mean by just drinking the tea, I mean JUST DRINKING THE TEA and nothing else. And by nothing else I mean meditating. something that I’ve been into now off and on for some time. Well ever since I started having massive panic attacks and couldn’t get rid of them.  Thank goodness for good friends who’ve traveled the world. Brendan Lloyd you’re an amazing person, and I have to give it to you for playing a massive role in my life. Even though I’ve been a pretty shitty friend and didn’t even make it to you wedding, I still hold you in super high regard, up there on a pedestal of people of have seriously influenced me and altered the course of my life. As you can tell I’ve taken on a new approach with writing these blogs. They really are just going to be #randomrants from now on I think. No rhyme nor reason to them other than to spill my thoughts out on to the world in the hopes of doing as much damage to the status quo as possible. And yes you’ll hear me go on and on about Landmark, the Forum, the Advanced course, and the seminars. And thats because #landmark has had such a huge impact on my life that its altered the axis on which my world spins. Even though that rotation is ever so slight, its enough to cause the butterfly effect on all aspects of life, mine and those around me. And now you, my beloved reader. You are family now and as such I will tell you I love you from time to time in an effort to convey my appreciated and affection to you, who has taken the time out of your day to take my words and allow them into your life, for whatever its worth. And I thank you for that. 

Vivere Fortis, Nihil Timendum Est

People Love Being Sheep

Posted: March 17, 2017 in Entrepreneur, Money, Success

It’s crazy that people just love being sheep. Talk to anyone about making more money or retiring early or even something as simple as a better investment vehicle backed by solid data and some of the most successful people on the planet, and they will try to shut it down faster than a hooker shuts down free sex!  So many people in this world are so happy in their little comfort bubble that they refuse to see anything else but being sheep! I mean don’t get me wrong, thank goodness for them! They pay into a system that keeps them down, and they LOVE it!! Without THEM there will never be people like US. Entrepreneurs, explorers, risk takers, willing to put a little on the line to get out of the rat race and be free of the golden handcuffs we placed on ourselves willingly. It’s just mind-boggling really why we even do it! Yes I know, your saying….. well what option to I have other than being a sheep? What else can I do other than get sheered, milked, and eventually slaughtered?!? The answer is….. YOU HAVE ALL THE OPTIONS IN THE WORLD!! If you’re in a 3rd world country, oppressed, terrorized, held down by “the man” then ok it’s safe to say that your facing some pretty big hurdles. Fair enough. And for that, my heart truly goes out to you. But short of that, options are unlimited. The only that thing that will ever stop you is your own mind! 

I haven’t in a while, but in the last few months the things I’ve discovered about the world and about myself have been mind-boggling and earth shattering for me! I’ve heard that “you’re your own worst enemy” my whole life and yet it just hasn’t sunk in. Not till recently when I got “forced” into attending the Landmark Forum. Since then my life has totally taken a turn for the amazing. And really all it took was the guts for me to stand up for my dreams and do something to help myself achieve what I have always wanted.

If you anything like me, you’ve got a good paying job, you maybe put a little tiny bit of cash away for a rainy day, and the rest you enjoy on a typical north american lifestyle. Maybe a dinner out once a week, a trip somewhere sunny once a year, a lease on a car, and maybe even mortgage on a small house. I mean, it’s a good life. But if we have it so good in the industrialized world and especially in north america, then why is there over 44,000 suicides in the US a year and rising?? And that’s successful attempts! 1 in 25 succeed!! So really that’s over 1,000,000 suicide attempts a year!!! Why is depression skyrocketing in north america? 1 out of 10 Americans are clinically depressed, with an increase of 20% diagnosis A YEAR!!! The numbers are staggering!! What’s going on?!

Yet with all this data and all the options that we have around is we’re still not happy, still not satisfied with our lives, and the majority of us choose to do NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! So here I am at work, telling a younger guy about my discoveries the last few months and how I’m implementing all I’m learning and recently acquired knowledge of financial freedom, when in comes in a couple old timers stuck in their ways of ‘nothing gets you financially free other than working till your 55/65, putting your money away in a pension or in RRSP’s (yes im Canadian) and eventually you can live on the crumbs that are handed to you if you’ve been a good little boy/girl and maybe you’ll get 10 or so years out of it and eventually leave a little bit to the kids if their lucky. WOW!! That’s one helluva life. I bet that’s exactly what you said you wanted to grow up to be when you were a wee little child! What happened to those dreams? When did they get crushed? When did you give up on it all? And really, what the point of it all? Why choose a life where your dead on the inside just going through the motions being unfulfilled, unloved (ourselves), and just plain resigned at best!! And that’s if everything is going great in life! On the other side of spectrum there’s all the other stuff. Depression, anxiety, poverty, illness, and a whole host of things so many of us suffer with in silence at one point or another in our lives! And yet when someone tries to impart some freedom on another, they get shut down and anything they say that doesn’t fit into their preconceived notion of what life should look like doesnt even make it in to be explored, not even window shopped let alone bought!

So why bother? I dunno. Part of me what’s to just say, “look you do what you do, I’m just gonna keep getting rich”. Yet another part of me looks out and sees a sea of potential and just want to jump in with my life ring and rescue them from the lifeless abyss the are hurdling to full throttle, eyes wide open, mind fully shut!

I dunno. Then again, maybe I should just keep mouth shut and let them pay into the system to keeps them down and elevates me into being 45 sitting on 45 mill.

Vivere Fortis, Nihil Timendum Est

Jan/13/2017 (Friday The 13th)

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​Extremely cranky today. Just off. Idunno what it is. Somethings just not right. Angry. Is it residuals of the fight last night? Something external? Not clear just yet. 

0830: 1x exhilarin 

0930: pineapple juice, 1 scoop phytoberry, bee pollen, mct 

0945: black tea, honey, creamer 

1000: 1x T-Relief arthritis tablet 

So even from such long distance, the fight still comes. Damn this technology!! She’s concerned that I don’t think she’s hot. Granted I don’t tell her she’s hot all the time. And there’s a reason for that. She’s the biggest story maker ever!! Twists everything I say to mean that I’m slamming her in some sort of way. When we first went out I would say how hot she was, but I felt free to speak my mind. So I would make comments on her looks. But what I quickly found what that every word I’d say would be scrutinized and eventually twisted to mean something it didn’t, making me the bad guy. So I just stopped bringing up anything to do with looks or appearance. From how she looks to how she’s dressed or what I think of anything to do with such stuff. Better safe than sorry. So anyways. I’m Exhausted after a long long day. Finally in bed by 10. She has to resolve something so needs to call. So ok, we can talk quick. She calls. Asks if I think she’s hot. I say yes. She wants an explanation as to why I don’t tell her this. Worst feeling. Cause now I have to explain why. I tell her I have the hardest time telling her what I think or being completely honest about certain things so I just don’t say them to avoid her twisting it and adding a her “story” to it and making it mean something it doesn’t. She insists I do it anyways and she’s just gonna listen. So I tell her. Yes a long drawn out explanation. What do I get in return? Her being extremely defensive. So it begins. From that point I can’t get 3 words in about what she is asking for without her being defensive. The fight begins. I get slammed. Over and over. Proving the point I was making in the first place. Saying she asks for something and I criticise her about everything else. Meanwhile it’s me explain what I think and why I can’t say what I wanna say. Saying if I can’t accept her the way she is then there’s no point to go on, but in much worse words. And it still hadn’t stopped. Still getting messages as I write this about how it’s all my fault. Just goes to show. Never speak my mind or tell her what I feel or think. Just keep in inside, suppress it until it pops. Then walk away. That seems like the only option right now, with only one outcome in site. Sad and unfortunate. I thought this was the one. But she won’t ever let me express myself without making it mean something terrible. She wants to resolve her issues but when it comes to me resolving mine, it’s a no go. So that’s fine. So be it. I feel like I need to scream. To call her terrible names and say terrible words. The frustration builds up with no end in site other than the final end. 

1330: nerves tonic tea

1430: 4 eggs, 2 chicken hotdogs, cheese, spices, saurkraut, sweet green olives, 1x liberte kefir

Time has passed and I’ve calmed down a bit. I’ve also been drinking verbal tonic tea. Stuff is a God send. It’s when I need to get rid of anger and be happy. I don’t know how it works but it works. Always have some on hand!! Anyways, so I’m not a blogger by nature. Just always loved to write. I have books stacked with writings. Well more like ranting. They really are the rantings of a madman lol. We all need to vent and let it out. It’s just never convenient to do so. As humans we must learn to have a release. Be it the gym, killing some weights or in a quiet room screaming your head off to get it out. Regardless of the method, it needs to come out. A wise friend one told me that when it feels like your fighting it on the inside, stop and let it win. Let it take you over. If your fighting crying, don’t! Ball your eyes out! If you wanna laugh, laugh hysterically!! If you wanna scream, then find a good place to do it obviously, and scream till your throat is raw. Let it out. Whatever you resist, persists. That’s the rule of the game. So don’t resist it. Let it happen.  Let it out. And for me it’s in my writing. I love go talk and talk and rant on and on until it’s finished and out, but sadly I don’t have anyone anymore that wants to let me get it out with them. I always figured it would be the girl Im dating, but it doesn’t seem to be that way for most. They don’t seem to wanna hear it. I know maybe it sounds absurd, cause sometimes the thing I wanna rant about is due to the person I’d be ranting to. And that obviously won’t work, so I don’t know why I thought for a second that it would. She asks me to tell her the things I’m feeling or on my mind so it can be dealt with, so against my better judgement I do, thinking it will get it out and help me to deal with it. Instead, which is what I knew would happen anyways, she takes it the wrong way, like it’s a slam of some sort, and becomes all  defensive and the fight happens. Then I get blamed for renting on about nonsense and that I think it’s all about me that I don’t accept her for who she is. How this led to that Im still not exactly sure, but it’s always the path that seems to be taken. Regardless. I need to get it out. So I started this blog. I would love it if this helped one person to know they they are not alone in the struggles of life. That no matter what position you hold in life, there will always be it’s ups and it’s downs. And just when you think you’ve stuck gold, turns out there’s a bear trap set next to it. Ouch! Actually it’s more like a mine field with bear traps and poison ivy, killer bees, pools with piranhas, and pumas just waiting to jump and tear you to bits.  Something like that. Then if by some miracle you make it and grab the gold, it falls away to reveal an empty lonely abyss. Making one think if it’s worth it afterall that. 
Socrates says:  “Life contains but two tragedies. One is not to get your heart’s desire; the other is to get it.”
I don’t know what’s worse.  Not getting what you want out of life or actually getting it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted something, only to get it, and realize that I wish I hadn’t! Tragic realization. 

Just when so emoting becomes too concrete and the realization of the final chapter arises, I get scared. Like really scared. I panick. And I start to distance myself away from that thing. Be it a job, a person, or any sort of commitment. Most times it’s people that do it. The 6 Months rule. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. 6 months and out. I never saw anything wrong with living life 6 months at a time. It kept me balanced. Kept me fresh. Kept me reinventing myself every 6 months. And it usually revolved around a new girl. Never got stale. The romance never really faded. It was that crazy movie kind if love for, in constant format. Only thing that it called for was change. Constant change. Anything over that and it felt like I stalled. And when I stall it’s like a plane stalling in mid air. There’s only one direction. And that’s straight down, rreeaaallllll quick!!!! And they was terrifying!!! So how does one deal with this and attempt to have a long term serious relationship?? That’s the billion dollar question.  I’m still trying to figure that one out. Im open to all suggestions. But then again all I keep hearing is, “you’ll know when you find it”. Bullshit!


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​0500: 1x exhilarin, 2 drops d +k, 1 glass pineapple juice 

0700: 1x Timmie’s egg & cheese on croissant, earl grey tea 

0930: decaf coffee, toast & PB&J

1100: 1x T-Relief arthritis homeopathic pain reliever tablets dissolved under tongue 

1230: left over noodles and beef, salad with coleslaw dressing 

1400: 1x b3, 2x fish oil, 1x D-stress, 1x CoQ10, 1x carnitine 

1430: mango green tea 


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​0420: morning stretches 

0430: 1x exhilarin 

0440: 2 drop d+k, 2x hcp30

0600: Timmie’s egg and cheese on a croissant, black tea, toast peanut butter jam, 

1000: vector cereal, almond milk, frozen wild blueberries, 2x fish oil, 1x CoQ10, 1x carnitine 


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​1000: 1x exhilarin 

1300: pad Thai, basil noodles, green curry and rice, ginger lemon tea with honey, Portuguese custard pie

1600: black clove cigar

2030: cabbage roll, beef, bread, yogurt and cucumber, cheese, ginger lemon honey tea, cake mama made, rice pudding 

2100: 2x fish oil, 1x ALA, 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 30 drops heart care (hawthorn) 


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​0530: 1x exhilarin 

0600: left overs from last nights dinner, cold, but still amazing. Nothing like left over steak, potatoes, shrimp, and fried cheesecake in a waiting area chair Infront of a Starbucks at an international airport. Amazing. 

0700: grande decaf caramel macchiato, 2x L-theanine 
So here we go. Finally boarded. Sitting on am American airlines jet waiting for the final leg of my journey back home. Last night was on my epic scale of layovers. Mind you, I’ve only had 4 over nighters ever. Still, this was amazing. Come to think of it they were all amazing. San Salvatore had bread pudding. Atlanta had clam chowder. Dallas had steak. But Dallas had more than just steak. Everything about it was pretty amazing. The people, super nice, friendly, their accents were awesome. They just come off as so hospitable! Jolly almost. Went to aspen creek for dinner, on hard rock in Irving, right next to the country inn where I stayed. Drink was sweet iced tea. . .  Wow!! Real brewed tea, very lightly sweetened, superb!! The appetizer was pow wow shrimp. . .  Amazing!!! The main was a blue cheese crusted 10oz sirloin tip steak dine medium. . .  And let me tell you about this steak. . .  The best steak ive ever had in my life! Well if not the best then top 3 for sure. It almost needed to knife to cut, and just melted in my mouth! I mouth orgasmed over and over and over!!! The coleslaw was pretty damn fabulous too!! Equal if jot better then the best I’ve had, which was in Belize. And then. . .  There was dessert!! 2 pieces of battered, deep fried cheesecake!!!!!! With a huge chunk if vanilla ice cream, drizzled I’m caramel sauce and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!!! Oh lord!!! Best best best meal I’ve had in as long as I can remember at a restaurant. And then the bill came. . . . $35!!!! Mind, blown!! I ate as much as I could and took the rest back to the room with me, which was about the same amount as I ate.  Unreal!! Had the best sleep at the country inn. One thing I’ll always Remeber is the smell! So fresh and clean and inviting without the nasty smell of harsh chems. What a great trip!!! Hahaha. Ate the rest of left overs this morning, got my Starbucks, did some laptop work while I waited to board. And now here I am, speeding down the runway, back to the best place in the world. . .  Home!! 
So a little off topic but I have to record this before it fades in my memory forever. The tropic air flight from San Pedro to belize city was pretty epic. I had my #zoneout playlist playing. Something amazing happened. I was present for almost the entire trip. It was sad. But yet felt so amazing. Maybe that’s why I avoided being present. There’s a sadness in it, but that same sadness is so freeing. Anyways, so we take off and make a brief stop in Caye caulker. Right before we touch down I see these 2 dogs running down the runway, same direction as us. We touch down and we’re speeding towards these dogs I’m just wide eyed watching this unfold. They look back, see us, one gives up right away, b-lines it off the tarmac. The other takes off, speeding ahead of us, tongue flapping in the wind, we’re catching up and he’s just booking it, he looked ssssooooooo happy. So free. So present. Loving loving every second of his life, racing airplanes, not a care in the world. So present. So one with the planet and everything in it. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Reminded me of the book “15 dogs” . Made me think if what it would be like to be present all the time. How amazing and epic every second would this life be. One with all. Nothing to “escape” from. Happy. Free. Always. 
2000: Chinese food from congee queen. Duck, congee, shrimp dumplings, beef noodles, rice roll with shrimp

2100: 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA 

Omg can’t keep eyes open. I feel drugged. Passing out hard. 

2200: peppermint oil and chamomile tea


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​0624: last belizian sunrise for a bit. And what a glorious one at that. Visible for 6 minutes as it pulls itself out from the water to be seen for by those who choose to be present enough to witness it’s beauty. Then, she hides behind the clouds. Something most things with true beauty seem to want to do. But I got it. I got that time to witness this and it can never be taken away. Great night last night. Hustled all day, had a great time with everyone. Christie and I had the best talks around 1630 which lasted right thought dinner. Went out for dinner with Christie and had the best talks again. Same topic. Business, hustle game, strategy, life,  all the good stuff. Had delicious ceviche. Then went upstairs after we got back for one of the friends birthdays. Got to swing at a piñata, never done that before!! So that was pretty cool. Didn’t do anything to it, but still super fun. Had cake. Jokes alot. Then it was time to tell her what she means to US. One at a time we went. What a great practice. Then something weird. It flipped and she had to tell us what she saw in each of us. For me she said I had a big warm loving heart. I care for people and just want to help. I have purity in my eyes and have no hidden agenda.  And that I am connected to source. I loved it!!! What an amazing thing to say about someone!! Then she turned to Christie and told her that she’s very lucky lol. Amazing right?? Loved it. Great night. Come back down, showered, and cuddled to sleep. Woke up and had a little cuddle sesh for 10min and now here I am. Watching a beauty of a sunrise as I cage my thoughts on this digital paper in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Truly blessed.  
0630: 1x exhilarin, 2x probiotic, earl grey tea with PSL creamer and honey 

0730: 2x l-theanine, 2x fish oil 

1000: fryjack, watermelon and orange juice 

2200: shrimp, steak, potatoes, fried cheesecake, Icecream, iced tea 

2230: 1x CoQ10, 1x potassium iodide 1x ALA 


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​Yesterday was a good day. Seems like as the days tick by closer to my departure from this place the better the mood I’m in but the sadder I become. The reality of the shortness of time that’s left here makes things real and puts things into perspective. I sit out here on this beautiful patio, my favourite cigar on one had sipping on a delicious tulsi chai masala tea with condensed milk watching the sunrise. I can’t help but deeply appreciate the splendour and the beauty that is before me. These little moments make it all worth while. All the fighting, all the stress, all the distress, the anguish and heartache. It all becomes with it. The country I’ve always wanted to visit is not another home. And I couldn’t have done this without her. She’s the gateway to all this. And with extreme disturbance comes extreme tranquillity. The scales must balance. Always. 1 more sunrise like this and back to the frigid cold. The monotony of the job I endure for money. The only consolation is the people. The people I get to go back to is the only thing that give me joy. My family, my friends. The possibility. 

New years eve we were on a sail boat watching the fireworks, right before the new year was ushered in we were asked to write down the possibility that we are creating for the new year. Mine was subduing my self gratification monkey, Maurice. Put all my efforts into ending or at least curtailing procrastination. Getting my inventions off the ground. Making those lists I’ve wanted to. Enrolling in the stocks I’ve wanted to buy. New hobbies. New beginnings really. I’ve got a long list of things I’ve wanted to do and just have not gotten around to it. And yet time had not waiting for me. I’ve said for a long time that at 35 I’d like to retire. Or at least have the possibility of retiring. Well with this girl it’s possible. I’ve got the ability now. It’s time to take things to the next level. Take what I’ve always wanted out of this life. Give it back to the ones that mean so much to me. And now the token has come for me to stand up, and execute!
0630: 1x exhilarin, tulsi chai masala tea w/condensed milk and honey, 1x el guajiro

1500: shrimp burrito, 1x ALA, 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10 

2200: shrimp ceviche, 2x L-theanine, 1x b complex, 1x b3


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0330: woken up for a fight. She lost her ring I gave her for Christmas. She can’t sleep. So why should I right?? She tells me about it. In my sleepy vulnerable state I thought that I could speak freely. Speak my mind. Speak from the heart. I blabbered on, cause that’s just what I do. I felt really good. She wasn’t arguing or saying anything in return. I thought maybe she was asleep! Turns out she wasn’t. She was just holding her tongue. And then she spoke. And then we fought. And fought and fought and fought till about 5am. Why? If I try to show or teach her anything I’ve learned in my life, me being 10 years older, she sees it as me putting her down. And for her, she was t’s to be “equal or above”  so that’s fine. I tried for so long to tell her I don’t see anyone as above or below. We all on the same level ground. But so many have taught me growing up and I wanna give that to her so she had this valuable knowledge that I wish I had been told years earlier. Not for change, but to just have it. Take it. Use it or not, that’s up to you, but let me speak it. It’s the #1 thing I crave. For me it’s self expression. If I can say what I want without having to think and rethink about it for fear of it being the wrong thing to do, then I’m happy. That’s why I feel in love with her in the first place. We spoke for 3-4 hours every single day! She let me talk and talk and talk. I melted. I was in so much love. I flew to Not her country for her cause I loved it so much. And now, I’m being asked to not. Not talk, not teach, not show, not have any self expression for fear that it might piss her off and cause her to resent me cause it might comes off as me putting her down or invalidating her worth or controlling her by “telling her what to do” . So that’s that I guess. I’ll just stuff it inside. Or learn to deal with it some other way with some other person. The complete girl I’ve always wanted and thought she was at the beginning, turns out isn’t her. And in that I realize that my vision of the complete girl is off. She really doesn’t exist in my realm. Not in this life. Why be a single bachelor so far? What’s the point, the one I want doesn’t exist in this life, so why chase her?  It’s like chasing after a sasquatch. To all those that have found the perfect one for them, I say. . . I’m super happy for all you. Your lucky and blessed. For the rest of us, we either settle or live a lonely life. Going from relationship to relationship, cold hearted. Waiting for the day when the director yells CCUUUTTTT! And then it’s a wrap. Enjoyed or not, it all had to end eventually.
0700: 1x exhilarin

0730: 2x probiotic

0735: tulsi chai tea

1130: 2 drops d+k, 1x ALA, 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 2x fish oil, earl gray tea

1900: 2x l-theanine, 1 x complex, 2x b3

2100: lobster ravioli, virgin ceasar

2200: 1x digestive enzymes

2245: 1tsp calm magnesium
Amazing dinner out at victoria house. Great food, amazing atmosphere, amazing people around. Super cool. No fighting. Laughing the whole time. Truly made the entire trip worth it. Lots and lots of laughs.  We jokes around like we were kids. So super immature and yet so much fun. Made fun if each other, laughed, joked, we were totally in our own world. Felt super appreciated by the crew around for all the world we are doing here on the island, making people lives better, enriching them, empowering them. Felt at peace. Clear minded. Happy. Joyous. Surrounded any friends. What a great night. And the “lobster in a blanket with his friends camping” dish was pretty good too. Oh and they make the BEST bloody marry drink EEVVEERRRRR!!!!!! Even if it’s a virgin.