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Well there I was, bags packed, finally…. I’m ready to gggoooo!!! But that’s not for another 3 days! So what now? Well, off I go to The 6 for an experience that will forever alter my life. What could be so important? 1+12.  There’s really too much to explain but let me tell you, the paradigm shift did happen.  And it was brutal.  So there I was on the way to T.Dot, late, very late to this thing. Very very late to this thing. But the ol lady insisted that its better to show up super super late, 6 hours late, than to skip it and come fresh the next day. So I dids. And yes she was right. It doesnt happen ofter, but it does happen. And when she’s right, she’s REALLY right!! Mind. Blown. Meet the rents quick, off to sleep. Well not without a delicious meal at East Sides.  Sleep, Wake, off the day 2. Amazing. Lunch, with the rents….. wow! They are amazing people, but energy demanding, as im sure most rents are, I know mine are for sure. Bamyan kabob how I love you!! Finish up, and off to get some Italian Crepes and gelato from College st. And thats where the turbos kicked in. Yes, they had questions. After all, im taking their first! But after hours of detailed investigations and a barrage of Q&A about personal beliefs, I think I manged to pass. And let me tell you, they are amazing people. Well off to get some sleep before the longest trip in the world tomorrow.


Last few hours before our 1610 flight to San Salvador. I’d way rather run around crazy stressed for time than sit and wait in agony. So we do. So drives. My car takes the abuse of a maniac punishing her like she commited a hanious crime in a country with corporal punishment. But that’s neither here nor there. We board, flight takes off….and we’re out!! My first flight to central america! All the nervousness built up over the last few weeks just washes away and I’m left with a sick feeling. Literally, sick. Like the morning after an exam sick. Finally the body can relax and fight whatever virus is trying to highjack my system. So I drip oregano oil into my mouth while passengers look at me like im dropping mescalin. Crazy times we live in. Oh and did I mention I love airplane meals? Avianca. Yes. Fed twice. Food was super tasty. Free booze. Nice people. Why fly with anyone else?


Never have I even seen palm trees in their natural environment!! EVER!!! Yes I know, I’m deprived lol. Whatever. It’s never too late for anything!! So here we are, getting off the plane in San Salvador at night and its a whole other world. Its all in spanish!! I don’t even know how to react right now. Replaced are the flashy top end stores with store fronts from an east end strip mall! Luckily most people speak english. It really is the universal language. From that point we must have had to show our passports about 7 times. Now, where to stay? The flight attendant at the airport tells us about Quality Hotel. So we call. Turns out theres a speacial on. $109 USD for one night, shuttle, breakfast, and shuttle back to the airport in the morning. So we take it. Now to get to that shuttle. Outside the airport was something I’ve never seen before. Canadian airports are like whoa compared to this. Even tiny ones like London or Sarnia. This was totaly third world. We’re approached by so many people asking us if we want rides to where we’re going by jumping into the back of a rickity old pickup truck. We graciously decline. Police are ultra gangster there. All black fatigues. Total paramilitary attire. Drug sniffing dogs. The whole 9. We race out of the airport via this road thats literally cut out from the middle of a jungle. We get to the hotel and its totally gated and fenced with 3 gaurds in the front. They roll the door open, just in time for the driver to drive in without having to stop and they roll it back immediately. Into the gated secured compound we go. Inside it’s gorgeous. Lucious is the only word that comes to mind. I’ve never seen grass that green or plants that alive. Lots of rain and lots of sun really does wonders for life! We check in. Sleep. Wakeup at 0400, after all, can’t miss 0500 breakfast, which is aammaazziingggg……


Yeah I know, take the pic before devouring the food. I couldn’t wait. It was so good! And free! I mean there’s a metal dispenser for warm milk! Idunno what else to say! We eat quick, down the coffee and rush out for the 0530 shuttle. Back to the airport the same way we arrive. The most striking thing now that its daylight, the little stands on the side of the road all the way to the airport selling whatever. I wish we had locals with us and more time to explore this gorgeous place. Oh well.


So we board the flight, after getting our passport examined about 14 times, take off, and the day shines on the country with such splendor. One of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen out of the window of an airplane. El Salvador is truely a magnificent sight to behold. An hour later we’re touching down in Belize City airport. Such an adorable little spanish airport. The best part is everything is in ENGLISH!!! I love it!!


We buy some hotsauce, grab our bags, and off to the Tropic Air terminal to board a little 4 seater cessna thats going to take up to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Tiny, cramped, hot, feels like your sitting in a pack of gum. Pilot is manually operating the plane alone, pumping away at the lever, the noise of the engine and propeller is almost deafening. The ride is exhilerating!!


The water is the most gorgeous color cyan I’ve ever witnessed. Little islands strewn about. The trail of some large fish marking its way through the water. I’m awestruck!  We touch down on this little tiny air srip in the middle the city with back yards surrounding it, heat and humidity are unmistakable. The most unmistakable thing is all the golf carts. They’re everywhere!! Only a few cars that operate as taxis. We get picked up by a taxi and off to the resort we go!!


The ocean view


The Penthouses

20160719_140427The Beach Bar


The Villas