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Posted: August 28, 2018 in Heart


What if you can manifest anything and everything you’ve ever wanted simply by writing down? What would your life look like?

I’ve been realizing so much in the last few months. A LOT has happened since the last time I posted anything. So why haven’t I posted anything about this? Seems like the perfect time, no? Well yes, it is. But when so much is going on, the last thing on my mind is to sit in the quietness of life and bare my soul to the world. So I don’t. So over the next little while, I’ll be recapping old stories from the last few months with you. And there are some AMAZING ones! For now, it’s just gonna be this realization to kick things back off and get me back in the routine.

So here’s what happened. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about manifestations and manifesting whatever I want in life. This started with a chat with my old dear friend and semi-part-time life coach who is always game to give me some amazing coaching, all free of charge obviously cause she’s an incredible human being.

So I call her after not talking for months, she tells me she’s been on this incredible journey through life, so much has changed, yadda yadda… Then she tells me about a 10-day silent retreat she went on. Something I’ve been told over and over by multiple people to do. Deep in the woods is a resort where you go 10 days no talking, and just reflect. So she did this. And for the 10 days, she just thought about what she wanted. Thought about it, felt it, put herself in the middle of it, and let it be as if it was actual reality. What/how would you feel if you got the thing you wanted? So feel it. Think about it. Focus on it. Believe it. And believe that whatever you manifest will happen, only if you want it to. And this is much different than thoughts you have that you don’t believe or want to happen. That’s a whole other post. So what happened you ask. What did she want to manifest? She wanted to manifest a baby and to be back in school for psychology. So ok both those things are possible, just have to do them right? Well the school thing, ok, sign up and your good. But the baby. She on birth control. He wears condoms and pulls out. And she isn’t ready to bring it up with him that she wants a baby, at this point it’s still just a dream. So she gets done the 10-day retreat. Nothing changes. Still on birth control. He still wears a condom and still pulls out. Well, 2 weeks go by and she misses her period. Few weeks go by now, and she does the test. Can you guess what happened?! Yupp, prego!!

So after this convo, I start to think… Hhmmm…. If this girl can manifest a life (among other things she thought about and they happened) then why the hell don’t I start doing it. Feel and think how I’d be feeling and thinking if I had the thing I wanted. So I started. The first question was…. What the fuck do I want?! So I thought, I want to feel the feeling I felt when I met Christie, my ex. We met on IG, and from the first message, we talked for 3-4 hours a day, stupid smirky smile on my face all day, feeling crazy enamoured with her. So I started thinking and feeling it. As many times as I’d Remebered, every day I’d remember. So what happens? A few days later, it happens. I meet Laura. It was like déjà vu! But this was even better! Way better. I’m blown away. This story is one that needs it’s own post cause clearly I didn’t specify what I wanted in detail lol so the universe gave me what I wanted but not the other details that I needed. You’ll see what I mean when I write about that story.

So what has me come back and start writing again? Well, today. Ok actually, I’ll start with yesterday. Last night I’m driving back to town, flying on the highway, it’s around midnight, my phone starts ringing, it’s my tribe partner. Yes, that’s another post in itself, lol so much has happened! So he calls me lighting me up over breaking my word, not having integrity, etc, he’s pretty mad about it at this point. So I stay unemotional, answer factually. Yes, my voice does raise a bit, but def not upset. So long story short, we agree that we’re going to have a call to discuss everything the next day for the mandatory minimum of 30 min at the end of the day the next day. And if there’s time, a quick 5min call in the day. We both work so we’re gonna try to make it happen. So to not fuck it up and have him light me up again and me be out of integrity, I write it all down in my calendar. So I want to remind myself to call him the next day, so I put it in my calendar to call him the next day. What time did I put it in for?? I figured 11 am would be a good time to remind myself to set up a call with him via text and we figure out a good time.

So today, I remembered at 9, so I msg. “Lemme know if your free today for 5min”? He replies with “I would say 5 mins around 11 sharp”? This was my face when I read that msg….. 😳….. Right?! I go to the calendar and look, Yupp!! I put it in for 11!! What the fuck?! Of the 12 hours we could have picked, we both picked 11?!

Coincidence?? See here’s the thing. There’s no such thing as a coincidence, everything happens for a reason, and it’s always in your favour. Believe that and your outlook on the world will change.

So the question again is…. If you could manifest everything you wrote down in your calendar, what would you manifest??

Now get the fuck out there and manifest everything you want!