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The difference between a stallion and a mule, In real life.

The mule is reliable, carries massive amounts of weight on his back, dependable, loyal, will die instead of giving up, and is as behaved as can be. The biggest thing tho is that he knows his places and acts accordingly. The stallion on the other hand… Well… It’s his world and he’ll do whatever the fuck he wants. He shits where he wants, wrecks shit, fucks whoever he wants, is arrogant, it’s his land and everything is his to do whatever he wants with, even if he’s tied up. If he doesn’t want you to touch him, he’ll make it known instantly, doesn’t fuck around and under no circumstance will he let you fuck with him if it’s not invited. He has total disregard for anything or anyone around him except for himself.

Start with yourself first… Then focus on others. If you don’t get yourself, you won’t get others, you’ll be too confused and end up nowhere. This comes from Jessy teaching me how to speak Spanish, me asking… How do you say she is? Focus on yourself. Start with you.

I really really like problems. I love you fix them. No matter what they are. Sometimes I think problems follow me cause I create them. I thrive on fixing the problem. I get so amped up when there’s a problem I need to fix. First responder. I always bring a flashlight, first aid kit, everything in case something goes wrong so I can jump in, be a hero, fix that problem, find a solution. Hero complex.

Women are like horses. They sense fear, they sense if your a good rider. They sense if you know how to handle them. A feminine energy. Will be at ease with someone who isn’t afraid to take the reigns. Once mounted, they will allow you to direct them. They are the powerful force that will only allow someone equally as powerful, if not more, to ride them, direct them, instruct them. If you are afraid, they will sense your energy. They will not allow you to be on. They will buck you off. Or if your unsure, they will take off on you, do whatever they have to do to rid themselves of you. But if your sure of yourself and your ability they will allow you to do pretty much whatever with them. I witnessed this on the farm. Julia’s brother, a beast of a man. Gets on the horse bareback. Grabs his hair, the reigns, and kicks him. Slaps the side of his neck and takes off. Makes him do circles to the right. Rear up, circles to the left. Fast, slow, dance, whatever the fuck he wanted, this horse did. No question. Unafraid to allow him to have total dominance and control. Unafraid he will injure the horse. The horse knew that the rider knew what’s best and allowed his direction, unequivocally. Without hesitation. He ravished the horse and the horse allowed it totally, and powerfully. It was a thing of beauty. He knew what he wanted and he told the horse what to do and the horse did it. That’s it.