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So I woke up this morning after sleeping for approx 4 hours to my roomie becky blasting the tv right in the next room after getting back from the hospital. They told her she’s ok,  she’s pissed they didn’t find anything cause she’s obv sick. So I’m like. . . HOMMIIIEEEE. . .  so she turns it off and goes to bed. I get back up an hour later to have to do all this work I forgot about cause of everything else that’s going on. Whatever. It gets done. I piss in a cup frank gave me from Bluewater health and I head over there to check my adrenal functions. He’s pleasantly surprised. Asked me how I was, I told him I feel about 15% more relaxed for sure! He checks and find out that my K-test results dropped Rom being at 43 “off the charts”  to an amazing 27!! Not expected but the Exhilarin is definitely doing it’s magic!!! In the mean time I’ve had very little heart palpitations, idunno what it is but its working. Imma keep my protocol of nutrition going and mentally trying to calm and be cool about things. I like how this is turning out. I head over and get a neck massage, feels amazing!! Free’s it up real nice!! I really need to do those more often!! So I’m at work. Eating salad and baked beans. Loving it. And yet I’m dying for a coffee and some desserts!! Oh well. Small price to pay. I did get some coffee alternative today from Bluewater so we’ll see how good that is compared to the real thing. For now, it’s tea for me.
1500: 1x exhilarin, 2 drops d+k drop

1645: 4x probiotic

1800: baked beans, dole chipotle cheddar bag, pom juice

1815: 1x skate liver oil, 1x potassium iodine, 1x magnesium threonate

1900: shake : almond milk, pollen, banana, mct, 1 scoop whey, 2g taurine, 1 scoop chia, flax, shitake mushroom powder, scoop phytoberry

1919: 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA

2100: 30x heart drops, peppermint tea, 1x fish oil, 1x krill oil

2300: 1/2 bag white cheddar chipotle popcorn

0030: 1 raw zucchini, covered in sumac, mango spice, salt.  1/2 pom juice

1/2 bag white cheddar chipotle popcorn

0700: nerval tonic tea

0715: Epsom salt bath


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Went to bed at 12, woke up at 11. Slept 11 hours!!! Amazing. I woke up feeling so calm and amazing. Heart was great. Calm. No skipped beats. I felt so peace. Amazing. Mind was calm. It was all so good this morning. Even though there was alot of stress to be had with belize work, I was doing great. No beating or anything. Even tho I blew up at Christie, still nothing. Wow. So good. Maybe they was the key. Not the seaweed. Not the emotional outburst. But the sleep. Maybe my heart just got sick if not resting the way it wants to. Never taking a break. And never winding down and relaxing.
1200: 1x exhilarin, 2x d+k drop

1300: earl grey green tea with honey

1400: dole chipotle cheddar bag salad with piece of chicken, 1 cup coconut water

1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA, 1x blue ice fermented skate live oil cap,  4x hcp30

1545: tea: hibiscus, Sorel, Caf, Rose water, honey


1801: morracan mint tea with 30 drops heart care

2145: 1x ALA, 1x CoQ10,  2x krill oil. Ate 6 chicken wings

2214: sitting feet up. Minor left chest pain. Palpitations

2300: 1 bag of white cheddar chipotle popcorn

1600: acv and baking soda mix

0100: shake :blueberries, almond milk, pollen, 2g taurine, 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop shitake mushroom powder, flax seeds, 1 tsp lavender

0230: 30 drops heart care

0640: 1x GABA 500mg,  apple tea

0645: sleep


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​4 hours of sleep is never enough to function properly. For anyone, doing any job. Especially for someone doing mine. But surprisingly I woke up with a sense of clarity. I knew it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t. Few minutes, but they were great. I love the calm. Before I started thinking and getting all tense. Heart was good. Everything was good. It’s doing it’s lil PAC thing again, so whatever. I could wish it wasn’t. But what good would that do? Wishing upon a star never solves anything. It’s the fact that we have to wish and actually do something about it. So I’ve done as much as I can about it. I’ll keep doing my best to get this fixed and heart back in its own place doing it’s own thing. I think for now this adrenal thing is gonna be the first step. Along right the gerd thing. So baking soda and ACV and those exhilarin pills and hope for the best over time. I also need to work out. So imma do that tonight. See if that helps. It either helps or it makes it worse. Either way get’r done while I’m still in Canada and can get taken care of professionally. Hope for the best. Today is trying at the best of time. My “favourite” foreman is working. Should be interesting to say the least. 

It’s really interesting though. I’m laying here now feeling my heart pump. So I woke up and it was great. Calm. Happy. Beating soft. No issues. I haven’t moved from my spot. Or don’t anything to put strain on my heart other than use my brain. And now it’s beating harder, more forceful, and skipping beats. I don’t get it. 

0450: 1x exhilarin, 2 drops d+k

0500: acv and baking soda 
0600: organic Jasmin green tea, buckwheat honey, 30 drops heart care, few slices ginger 

1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA 

Timmie’s egg and cheese on a croissant 

1030: small piece of mamas wafer cake. No idea what ingredients. Not too sweet. 

1045: 1x krill, 1x fish oil

1100: tea: CAF, hibiscus, chamomile, holy basil

1500: celery and hummus 

1700: shake: almond milk, mct, bee pollen, phytoberry, coconut water, 2g taurine, shitake powder, ginger powder, 1 scoop whey, 2tbs lavender plant, wild blueberries, 1tsp D-ribos 

2300: 3x probiotics, 1 bag dole chophouse salad chipotle and cheddar. 1/2 cut liberte kefir. 1x potassium iodide 


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​So today I only got 3 hours sleep and I’m off to work. Nothing unusual for my first day on the job. The way it normally is. Average is 3. If I’m lucky it’s 5. So not bad. But weird part is I went to bed, slept like a rock, woke up in the most confused state with my alarm going off,drenched in sweat. OK even tho that was the case my heart wasn’t beating off weird. But, 10min after the first time my alarm went, it started to palpitate. Now, is this cause of the adrenaline? Not sure. But likely. So now I’m just laying here, drying up, writing this, heart is hitting a few off beats as we speak. I really do wonder if it’s just the adrenaline that’s doing this and making it beat weird. Idunno. Not cool tho. I hate it. Like I look forward to the day it stops. Why it’s gone on for this long I have no idea. Unnerving. But I’m handling it a lot better after seeing Frank. It’s like now it’s been pointed out I can see it. I’m tense, a lot! And I can’t just seem to relax. And waking up terrified cause of the alarm doesn’t help one bit!!! Such a horrible feeling. Oh well. OK to start the day!!

0415: 1x exhilarin 

0430: 1.5g taurine, 1tsp D-ribos, bee pollen, 7g glutamine, 5g arginine, 1 scoop gelatin powder,  1 scoop phytoberry, mct oil, 

0700: nerval tonic tea, 30 drops heart care, buckwheat honey 

Feeling like I’m nervous. Like adrenalin is leaking into me and I’m ready to bounce. Feeling so on edge. Lack of sleep? Work? Alarm waking me like a maniac? Not sure. But it’s not gonna just go away any time soon on its own. I have to actually do something about it. Relax. Meditate. Take it easy. See what happens after that happens. I have to make it a point to be proactive about it. In bze I have to now. Like it used to be. No more stress. Wake up early and meditate and relax. Start the day with a good routine. 

0715: 20 almonds

0800: 1x ALA, 1x CoQ10, 1x carnitine,  1x fish oil,  1x krill oil. Corned beef hash omelet from leaky tank (free) 

I hate illness so much. And the thing is I don’t even know why I hate illness.  Is it death?? Idunno. I think it’s more than just that. It must have something to do with losing control. Idunno. Not being in control of my own body. Not having A say In thing. Not being valid. Someone else or something else being in control over me and me helpless. Like I was as a child. Helpless. 

1030: tea: chamomile, CAF, hibiscus, holy basil

1200: chamomile and mint tea from Timmie’s 

So the realization I make is always so overwhelming. But I only make these realizations when something else bad is happening in in my life. The contrast is what makes it so clear. And makes me appreciate it so much. Like here I am, at work (something so many people can’t find), making mad loot (an amount 70% if the population won’t make), going for a tour in the truck to get Timmie’s food and cheap yummy hot food (some in this world will never have a chance to ever eat), in a country where if anything happens to me they rush out and get me and fix me and I don’t pay anything extra (most on the plant have no idea what thats like) . So that’s one. Then there’s mh health, which for the most part is better than most at 35, my charming whit and boyish good looks (most will never experience at 35, or ever for that matter) . I have a German chariot to whisk me to my house, which I own (most will never have) in a quaint neighborhood, with all the amenities one could ask for (most even in Canada will never have) . Then I meet this girl, who’s got the hots for me, who’s loyal, beautiful, and just a lot of fun to be with. Introduces me to millionaires and whisks me away to exotic belize, where I spend half my days with her, playing with a monster real life Lego set!!! Big toys for big boys!! I have 2 brothers who are still in my life. I have 2 parents who are still in my life. They pray for me night and day for my success, happiness, health, protection, and to find the perfect girl to make me happy. And every single one of their prayers are heard. Is that lucky? Is that blessed? No its something more. Something more than both of those. Something that has no words. No language has been created to explain it or describe it. It’s of Godly nature. And I’m  “_________” enough to have it!!!!

God I’m so frustrated by this heart thing. I wanna know wtf is going on. And I want it to stop. It’s so so so annoying.  It’s so bothersome. I need time to make sure it’s ok. Not a bad thing. Tomorrow I have a test at 130 so well see how that goes.

1530: some more of that left over eggs and hash from this morning. Some broccoli, and spinach.  1x CoQ10, and x ALA, 1x carnitine.  1x tea Feeling Calm by PC
1700: stomach is burning. Left side chest pain over the front. Feels cramped. 
Come to think of it. I’ve been doing some reading. And some gerd patients have this issue. So one think I remember them saying is one said that he had gerd so bad that he couldn’t speak. So looking back, I’ve been losing my voice alot In the last 6 months or so. I thought I was just talking too much but it would happen even if I’m not yelling. It’s so weird. I didn’t even get it. Now maybe I’m. Thinking there’s a connection.  Gerd and pvc. My system is more acidic and I have crazy stomach pain when I eat anything sometimes. So maybe it’s just way too much acid and my system is acidic??

1830: 1 Timmie’s croissant egg and cheese. Left over hash from this morning. 

1900: hit the hospital to get checked out. So far they are saying it’s PAC’s and it’s nothing to worry about. They tool blood. And a chest xray. In a bit I’ll find out the results. If it’s all good, I’m golden goose. Inshallah. 

Results :

All good. Nothing indicated in the blood work. Nothing in the x-ray. Nothing on the EKG. They are PAC’s. And they happen for an unknown reason. But stress, caffeine, and lack of sleep seem highly trigger them. So off I go. 

2345: 1x potassium iodide, 1x tryptophan 


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​So idunno what’s up with this heart thing.  It’s not the seaweed snacks. At least I don’t think so. It has to be adrenaline maybe. So I went to bed at 3. At seaweed snacks the at like 2 and drank some tea and went to bed. Woke up a few hours later to pea and it wad jumping around still. So they confirmed it. Then I went back to bed and got up now. It’s not jumping around much but still did it a few times. I do feel tense tho. Waking up tense and not relaxed is a terrible feeling. I was having weird dreams. I don’t like messing with my routine. Idunno what it is that causes me to be so tense and ready for fight of flight. It’s frustrating but it’s bearable. I know I need to burn up that adrenaline somehow. That’s where the gym could come in super handy I’m thinking. I’m taking the supplements. So we’ll see how good it gets just with those. Maybe the one Jojo talked about that just calms one down would be good too. We’ll see. For now, grin and bare it. Monday I yet the monitor. Oh God I’m kinda not looking forward to going to belize this time. I got it one way so I’ll just come back early. Waste kinda but whatever. It’ll be good. Spend like 10 or so days down there and then back here for the rest just to relax. Recalibrate. I can’t be pushing myself so hard. I really need to relax and recover this next year. Or else I’m not gonna have anything to deal with if my heart don’t like what I’m doing. My adrenals are mangled and they need to chill. And quite frankly so do I!! 

0830: 1x Exhilarin

1000: 2 drops D+K, 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA, 1x B12 5000mcg, 1x fish oil, 1x krill oil 

Chicken, eggs, kimchi, saurkraut, turmeric, olives, and coconut, pineapple juice

Tea: green tea, ginger, hibiscus, honey 

1300:nerval tonic tea

1400: 400mg B3

1830: 1x ALA, 1x tryptophan, 1x potassium iodide plus (naw brand 225 mcg) 

1845: pasta with vodka sauce 

2300: 2x probiotic 

2315: tetley red tea rooibos spiced plum tea, honey 

2320: almond milk and oats


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​So it’s 0900 and I woke up with heart skipping beats again.  Weirdest thing. I had dulse last night so that’s got to have tons of iodine, that’s obv not it. Must be something else. Tonight I’ll try the seaweed snacks again. If tomorrow I’m fine then idunno, it’s got to be something in them.  If I eat then at night and nothing happens the next day then it would have been a coincidence. But twice. Weird. Something like that never happens twice. I’m just so frustrated. 

1230: nothing to eat all day. Getting ready for live blood test. 

Live blood test results :

1600: 1x – -_________

1630: dulse soup, lemon, kimchi, salt. Plus chicken with eggs and onions, Montreal chicken seasoning, saurkraut, lettuce, some left over fries, 1 can of cod liver and drank all the oil 

1800: 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA, 2 drops Vit D + K

Tea: Sorel, Rose water, hibiscus, CAF, honey (osoyoose buckwheat alfalfa) 

0200: WCC popcorn, 1 bag seaweed snack 

0230: tea: CAF, hibiscus, lavender, chamomile, Rose water, cloves, honey


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​1440: 2x b3 100mg, 1x ALA, 1x CoQ10 

1500: 2 eggs, kimchi, saurkraut, tomatoes, celery, fish, turmeric, pomegranate, pineapple, coconut juice 

1530: 3g calm, 30x a. Vogel heart care, 

1600: 1banana, pomegranate, phytoberry, bee pollen, shitake mushroom powder, blueberries, 7g glutamine, 7g arginine, some gelatin, mct oil, 1 scoop protein whey, 4x probiotic HCP 

1700: baking soda and ACV mixed 

1730:tea:anise, caraway, fennel, hibiscus, Rose water, honey, sorrel 

2200: 2x probiotic 

2300: 1 bag seaweed snacks, 1/4 bag white cheddar chipotle popcorn 


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​It’s 730 and this morning through PAC ‘s are barely even there. Of course. The day I’m planning on going into the hospital to get them checked out they are barely active. I don’t get it. Was it the seaweed snacks!? Could it be? Or is it mental? Brain is not allowing it to happen cause it knows imma get it looked at and fixed? Not sure. But I need it to start kicking up soon before the hospital gets too packed with sick people. I’ve been up since 6 snoozing and waiting for it to start. Even laying on my left side which always get it going good. I’ll try the chair, that always works. Then hopefully off to emerg by 8 before it gets too too crazy. 

0730: 2x probiotic, tea:Sorel, hibiscus, caraway, fennel, anise, Rose water, honey 

1100: ACV and baking soda mix with pineapple juice 

1130: 1x 1000mg carnitine fumerate, 1x CoQ10 100mg, 1x ALA 150mg, left over eggs from yesterday with 2 cloves garlic, 1 celery, 1 green onion, tomatoes, cucumber, ginger, turmeric, spinach, broccoli.  To drink : pineapple, pomegranate, Perrier 

1230: tea:CAF, hibiscus, Sorel, honey 

1830: 1 banana, pomegranate juice, pineapple juice, D-ribos 1 tsp, 1.25g taurine, 7g glutamine, 1 scoop protein whey, gelatin, 1 scoop phytoberry, bee pollen, 1 scoop shitake powder, mct oil

Around 1630 when I started driving the pac’s came back. Haven’t sat down in the quiet long enough to find out for sure how ofter but they def acted up while driving. My left rib cage is also a lil tight and feels a little sore. 

1745: 2 drops Naka brand pro emulsified vitamin D (1000ui) + vitamin k (25mcg)

1800:soup: organic Dulse, kimchi, olive oil, salt, lemon juice 

1x CoQ10, 1x ALA, 1x fish oil, 1x krill oil

2000: tea C.A.F, Rose buds, hibiscus, 30x heart care drops, honey, Rose water 

2330: relaxing tea 


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​0600:7g arginine, 7g glutamine, 1g gelatin, 4x probiotic HCP 30

0700: 3g calm (magnesium citrate), 1x 220mg tryptophan (new roots), 1x R+ALA 150mg (new roots), coconut water 

1200: 4x HCP 30

1230: 3g calm, 30 drops A. Vogel Heart Drops, 10 drops Traumeel

1240: rubbed “trauma care” over the heart and left rib area 

1400: slept for an hour after crying for a bit. Felt really good letting out that emotion. Didn’t skip at all almost while laying down. Compared to this morning when it skipped even laying down 

1500: 1x 100mg CoQ10, 1 x R-ALA , 1/4 cup mix of coconut water, pomegranate, pineapple 

1515: 3 eggs, 1 Avacado, parsley, chicken, saurkraut, kimchi, organic ginger, 1/8 red onion, piece of turmeric, 1 celery, 1 cup kefir, oregano spice, garlic spice 

1600: apple tea with honey 

1630: bee pollen, 1x fish oil cap, 1x krill oil cap. Off to work for the night. 

1945: 1x CoQ10 100mg 1x R+ALA 150mg 

2000: veal parm, White rice, some left overs of the eggs earlier, spinach, cucumber,

2030: tea: caraway, anise, fennel, chamomile, organic ginger, traumeel 10 drops, 30drops A. Vogel Heart care drops

2200: banana, 30 almonds, 1 tangerine 

0000: tea: holy basil, hibiscus 

0030: white cheddar chipotle popcorn 

0600: 1x R-ALA, piece of turmeric 

0630: 3g calm, 15 drops heart care, 5 drops Traumeel 
So I noticed that throughout the night it went back to the way it was. Skipping every so often. I also found that when I sit crouched over it gets worse and when I stand up and elongate my torso it gets better. Same deal when I lay down, not as bad. My left side of my ribs are sore and not the right. Both front and back. Also when I lay down on my right side and stretch my left side out with my arm above or behind my head it gets better. It almost seems like something touches my heart and makes the beats go off. 

Today it came back but I wasn’t as distressed about it as much. Maybe it’s cause I’m seeing the doc? Maybe cause I let out all that emotion? Maybe it’s cause I got a bit if relief? Idunno. 


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So a lot has happened in the last few days which has lead me to this point. I’m not keeping track of everything I take in, from food to supplements. See if there’s a patterns of what makes it better or worse. I’ll explain after. 
​+baking soda, then baking soda mixed with Apple cider vinegar 

+calm magnesium citrate 

+R-ala, tryptophan

+Avacados, eggs, spinach, cilantro, chicken, kimchi, saurkraut, raw ginger, 
I dont even know what to say. Maybe I’ll make this my journal for the day when i don’t have time to write it down on Paper. So I’m in the washroom of work. Eyes teary. Feeling helpless and desperate. Why? Something called premature atrial contractions. PAC. It’s basically when the heart misses a beat or adds an extra beat. And it’s been happening non stop for days!!!! So here i am, 7 days since this started in Belize on the morning after we ate the Austrian food. What a morning. Woke up and I felt like I was falling apart. Bloating. Gas. Heart skipping. Inflammation all over. Just not feeling well as all. It’s been days with no end in sight. And I hate being sick. I mean HATE being sick. For a couple years I was a full blown hypochondriac! I’m doing much better now. But the fact still remains. This makes me feel really low. Helpless. Depressed. Hopeless. Like what’s the point?! But I shed a few tears in a bathroom stall and press on. The thing I always realize is that I get sloppy. I lose focus and lose sight of the objective. So when I’m healthy I do a lot of bad sht to mess myself up, like be mad and angry about stuff. Stress. A alot!! And why?! It can all end in a single beat. So this has to happen.  A friendly reminder that I’m taking things too seriously and that life is NOT meant to be lived like this! So as much as I hate these moments I’m also super grateful for them. They clear the trees so I can see the forest!